Let’s do away with all the needless buildup of trying to wax eloquent and get to the point: Devin Townsend took to Twitter earlier this week to give us all an update on his new pop metal record, Epicloud:

Drums for Epicloud DONE! The bionic RVP strikes again!!!! 14 songs for this monster! An epic selection of songs, really inspired and pure. Epicloud is the ‘in-between’ DTP and Z2, While writing Z2, I purged 20 epic, poppy, [proggy], ‘Dev Leppard’ type things…I love it. Been holding in my love of melody in lieu of being ‘metal’, but decided to ‘let ‘er rip’ before the next Ziltoid… so liberating.

Excellent! Perhaps we’ll be able to hear it later this year if things are already coming along so quickly. The group took promotional photos recently as well, so perhaps Epicloud is just around the corner. The super poppy sound of Epicloud as Devin described are exactly how I expected it to go, and with Anneke van Giersbergen on board again, it should be a nice follow-up of Addicted!

But the most exciting part for me is that Epicloud will be a Devin Townsend Project release! DTP was thought (and intended) to be concluded with the four already released albums, but…

oh yeah, fwiw… it’s still under the DTP moniker. The logo is way too cool to ditch :)

I’m so beyond excited for this that it can’t be healthy. :3

As always, we’ll keep a sharp eye on our favorite Canuck and pass on any news that comes out.

– JR

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