San Diego-based death-grind band Cattle Decapitation have been proving on a daily basis since 1996 that some vegans can be more metal than some meat-eaters. They’ve always had the ongoing lyrical themes of human slaughter in a manner similar to cattle, pointing out how brutal the process is. Why is it that most people don’t care about the conditions in which our food is slaughtered, but when the same process is applied to humans, it’s somehow disgusting and disturbing? I’m not a vegan or anything, but I get it, man. I applaud their message, but I guess that makes me a hypocrite as I think animals are pretty tasty. I’m a monster.

Anyway, to get on point, Cattle Decap are set to release their upcoming album May 8th on Metal Blade Records, as the teaser image above (presumably also depicting a portion of the new album art) suggests. We don’t have a title yet, but Metal Blade are going to be posting a new song on Monday (March 12th), so keep your eyes peeled!

– JR

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