For Today are a bit of an almost guilty pleasure. The gung-ho Christian stuff really draws the line for some people, but I don’t mind it if the music is well put together and I can remain interested enough. For Today’s last couple of albums have settled with me fairly well, but with their new single ‘Fearless’, I’m getting worried.

I’m not claiming For Today have ever been an original and groundbreaking band, but this new song (above) pushes them into even more generic territory. They used to incorporate a bit more technicality into their riffs with sweeps and all that cool stuff, but there’s not much of that in this song. I mean, it’s alright and has its moments of being quite catchy, but hopefully their new album offers a bit more. Being less predictable would be cool too. Dem breakdowns.

We’ll see where it goes when they drop Immortal on May 22nd through Razor & Tie.


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