So one of our favorite solo shredders Angel Vivaldi, and the critically acclaimed Chris Clancy of Mutiny Within posted a little tidbit a couple weeks ago about a collaboration – and now we have a track to show for it!

Fantastically for us, it’s way tastier than I expected. The chemistry here is fantastic; Angel’s tasteful shredding with djent and classical spice draws from his influences in a subtle yet potent manner. I really couldn’t think of a better vocalist than Chris to match Angel’s music either; he is basically the vocalization of Angel’s guitar work. Seriously. I’m no music expert but it’s a match made in heaven. Give it a listen!


Good stuff eh? Angel’s upcoming EP Universal Voices will be a re-working of last year’s Universal Language, and will feature Chris Clancy as well as other vocalists including Chris Barretto [ex-Periphery, ex-Haunted Shores, Ever Forthright], Tommy Vext [ex-Divine Heresy] and Karlo Horvat [Kryn]. Sounds good to me! There’s no release date set in stone just yet, but I can’t wait to get a hold of this.

– CD


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