Obscura is probably one of our favorite death metal bands around these parts, nearly perfectly capturing a crossroads of progressive, technical, and neoclassical composition. Their upcoming release Illegimitation is their first official collection of demos, and also features a 3-track ode to their heroes and influences in Death, Atheist, and Cynic. How fitting that the band that our resident tech death expert heralds as carrying the torch of Chuck Schuldiner would commemorate a collection of demos by also looking back at the bands that ultimately shaped their sound.

Metalsucks has the premiere of the latter cover, Obscura’s take on Cynic’s ‘How Could I?‘ I am a massive fan of Cynic, but I must say that Obscura’s version is much better. Then again, this could just be due to the slick production (Focus did not age very well at all), but the execution is flawless nonetheless.

You can order Illegimitation over at the official Obscura shop. Did you know that Obscura are going on tour in Europe this week with Spawn of Possession, Gorod, and Exivious? Holy shit, what a tour! You lucky Europeans can check out the dates here.

– JR

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