Do you enjoy your music to be a hopeless black void of despair? Would you prefer it if every note dredged up all your most cringe-worthy moments and made you re-live them over and over? Remember that time you realised you’d failed at achieving all your dreams?

16 remembers and they’re making sludgey regret-core to soundtrack it just like Grandma used to. They’re an acquired taste, but for fans of Eyehategod, Cavity or even Iron Monkey they inject some much needed hopelessness into your life. The band is set to release their latest album Deep Cuts From Dark Clouds on the 24th of April through Relapse and the above lyrics video for ‘Her Little ‘Accident’‘ is the first new material released by the band since their 2009 outing Bridges To Burn. Despite the relatively short turn around (the band have released 6 full lengths  in 20 years), 16 have really upped their game and dabbled in some interesting time signatures alongside their signature misanthropic hatred and I look forward to seeing how the rest of the album stacks up.

– DL


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