I’m not the biggest fan of Wretched on Heavy Blog’s staff, but I have to appreciate how insanely awesome Wretched are for actually including on-screen tablature in the playthrough of their new track ‘Repeat… The End Is Near.‘ Finally, a guitar playthrough that can actually be useful for me — well, if I was skillful enough to play Wretched songs, anyway. For you Wretched fans with enough skill, open up the video on full-screen 1080p and get crackin’.

Wretched’s new album Son of Perdition really snuck up on is, it seems! None of us knew they had a new album on the horizon until earlier this week. Sometimes we drop the ball. It’s due out March 27th on Victory Records. Be sure to take a gander at the excellent album art for Son of Perdition by prolific artist Par Olofsson after the jump!

– JR



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