I would have sworn that we spoke about burgeoning progressive deathcore group Slice The Cake before, but apparently not (or I can’t seem to find it now at least). At any rate, this online-formed intercontinental band based out of UK, Sweden, and Australia are a testament to how the internet has helped change the face of music and the process of songwriting/recording for the better. Formed in 2009, they released an EP titled Cleansed the following year to a fair amount of buzz online, and for good reason. It was damn heavy and quite impressive for a group of people that have never met face-to-face.

Two years later, they have finally released their debut full-length album The Man With No Face. Noyan will have our full review in the near future, but let me tell you that The Man With No Face is just nuts. Don’t let the silly name sway you; we’re talking about massively heavy progressive metal here, with plenty of technical and orchestral influences. I don’t know how many 20-minute deathcore songs there are, but the title track for this record manages to make it justifiably work. You’ll see.

You don’t have to wait for our take on it to get excited and spin this record right now. You can purchase The Man With No Face on Bandcamp for $11. Worth every penny if you ask me. Stream it below:

– JR

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