It’s no secret that we’ve been fawning over Norwegian industrial jazz metallers SHINING ever since they released their breakthrough album Blackjazz back in 2010. Hell, we’ve been singing this band’s praises every chance we could get! It’s hard not to get excited about a band that pushes the boundaries of extreme metal in different directions in the way that SHINING does.

Ever since I discovered SHINING, I have been hoping for a North American tour for a chance to catch this excellent band live, but they’ve yet to make the trek over. Luckily, the band knows what we’ve been waiting for, and while touring America may be out of the cards for the time being, they’ve made the next best thing available; their new live CD/DVD combo Live Blackjazz is available now on Indie Recordings in Europe and Prosthetic Records in America, and we’ve picked up a copy to give away!

To enter for a chance to win, send your name and full address to mail(at)heavyblogisheavy(dot)com. You’ve got until next Friday night at midnight to enter! Below, you can get a taste of the quality of this release with ‘In The Kingdom of Kitsch You Will Be a Monster.’ Good luck!


– JR

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