It’s actually taken until February for 2012 to really kick into gear for me – and that’s only by virtue of two promos received for albums out in March and April respectively. The first was for Every Time I Die‘s new disc Ex Lives – which I’ll be talking about in this afternoon’s review – but the second, and much newer for me is the forthcoming Exotic Animal Petting Zoo record Tree Of Tongues. This album is insanely good; it’s like Deftones dove straight into a sea of The Dillinger Escape Plan with only Mr. Bungle water wings and a sippy cup of Faith No More for sustenance. Make of that what you will.

Or go listen to this, the new track ‘Through The Thicket…Across Endless Mountains‘, which is debuting over at Alternative Press. It tracks through several aspects of the band’s sound, including the frantic bombast of their full post-hardcore mode, and the soaring expansiveness of their more melodic tendencies.

Tree Of Tongues is out April 24th through Mediaskare Records. Get it. Seriously. After the jump, another track from the album: ‘Apis Bull‘.

– CG


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