Is it just me or does Guitar World get the best new song premieres? It seems like I’m paying them a visit for every other album I’m excited about. This time, they have the new track from post-rock shoegazers If These Trees Could Talk, ‘Red Forest.Go give it a listen.

We’ve had the promo for a couple of weeks, and I can say with confidence that the whole record is absolutely filled with quality. We’re working on a full review of the upcoming record that should be good to go for next week, but I shouldn’t have to tell you that you don’t have to wait until we gush about the record to get excited. Spin ‘Red Forest‘ at Guitar World and give another album track ‘Barren Lands Of The Modern Dinosaur’ your undivided attention after the jump.

If These Trees Could Talk’s sophomore self-released album Red Forest is due out March 20th.

– JR


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