Heavy Blog readers will probably know Hour Of Penance as the band that gave us vocalist-turned-drummer Francesco Paoli of fellow Italian death metallers Fleshgod Apocalypse. However, don’t think that Hour Of Penance aren’t worth your time just because everyone’s eyes are on Fleshgod at this very moment in time, but if you needed proof check out the new title track streaming over at Terrorizer from their upcoming album Sedition.

Pretty damn heavy, ain’t it? You can definitely hear where Fleshgod got a lot of their sound from but while they concentrate on making sweeping orchestral pieces, Hour Of Penance focus more on straight up brutality in the vein of Krisiun or Hate Eternal. Prosthetic Records will release Sedition on the 6th of April but with all the great releases in between it could seem like a long time so, to tide you over, here’s drummer Simone Piras tracking for the new album.


– DL

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