I don’t do these band discovery posts as much as I should. With so many high-profile releases worth getting excited over, it’s easy to overlook the fledgling unknown artists clamoring for attention. We really need to step this column up around these parts. Admittedly, there’s a bit of guilt that I associate with Heavy Blog in that I simply don’t have the time to listen to every submission we get. This is why first impressions count. I’d listen to new artists more often if this were my job, but I’ve got bills to pay, dammit.

However, there is one unknown band that has caught my attention recently that I must share; lurking in the realm of obscurity (which isn’t helped by their name), North Carolina-based trio MAKE sport a paltry 364 likes on Facebook as of this writing. It only takes a few tracks into their debut album Trephine to come to the conclusion that this is criminally low. It is my intention today to change this.

MAKE creates an intoxicating blend of all things in the slow, stoned, and sludgy realm of metal with touches of doom, drone, and post-metal, as if Rwake, Earth, and Isis joined up for a colossal jam session for the ages. Trephine is basically a collage of all the things I look for in this genre of music; huge riffs, pensive atmosphere, and an air of psychedelia. It’s all done quite well for a band of their size, and I see them going places if they keep pushing forward with what they’ve got going on. Personally, I would like to see more shades of the band’s drone influence pop up because they make the sound work so remarkably well; take for instance, the outro of closing track ‘Into the Falling Gray’, which is a lulling hum that I could listen to comfortably for quite some time — and I don’t even enjoy much drone at all.

Stream Trephine below and be sure to check out their previous releases (EP1, a live recording, and a cover of Velvet Underground‘s ‘Venus In Furs.‘) over on their Bandcamp page.

– JR

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