Sometimes we’re late to the party around here and news & bands just happen to fly under our radar, especially when the band in question has only been mentioned by us once. Yeah, it was in an article from the summer of 2010. That’s what the search function yields, anyway, so hopefully it makes sense we missed this. In any case, Colorado-based melodic tech death outfit Allegaeon posted a new song from their upcoming album Formshifter last week and it’s pretty awesome. Check it out:


The song title seems to be referencing, after a quick Google search, some kind of city (Tartessos) from long ago and crystals (xenocryst). Sounds rad to me! The song itself, though, seems to be one of their most cohesive tracks to date. Relatively speaking, of course, as Allegaeon’s greatest strength is their ability to actually write memorable riffs and melodic leads whilst maintaining technical proficiency. Conversely, it also feels a lot less death metal-y, which could be good or bad depending on your taste. I’m not the most versed person in Allegaeon fandom, though, so a die-hard fan could maybe provide insight to how the song truly stacks up to their previous album, Fragments Of Form And Function. For me, however, it’s solid and I have definitely added their upcoming release to my most anticipated death metal albums of the year (joining Spawn of Possession and The Faceless).

Formshifter drops May 8th in the U.S. and May 7th in Europe via Metal Blade. I’ve also added the closing track to their debut album after the jump just for reference!




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