“The wait is over” proclaims the opening for this new trailer for Meshuggah‘s forthcoming album Koloss, which is isn’t technically true, but I’m sure you’ll forgive them some hubris, considering it is pretty god damn close.

Our promo actually dropped for us last yesterday, so we are busy laughing around the campfire, monocles on and “neener-neener” hats rammed firmly in place, so I guess for us this is true – however you can get excited by the news that the deluxe edition of the album will feature a ‘making of’ documentary, as well as some live footage from India.

A couple of bits of the new songs feature too; the heavier section is from penultimate track ‘Demiurge‘, whilst the twangy bit at the end (which let’s face it, sounds a lot like TesseracT or Uneven Structure in tone) is from album closer ‘The Last Vigil‘.

Other than that there’s not a lot new about this, but hey, not long now. Koloss is due out March 23rd in Europe and March 26th in America on Nuclear Blast. ARE YOU READY?!

– CG

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