San Francisco-based progressive death metallers Fallujah graced our hearts and ears last year when they dropped their debut album The Harvest Wombs. Noyan loved it, and for great reason. That album crossed so many subgenre barriers that an accurate description of their sound would be fairly long and filled with tags that would be sure to leave genrephobes fuming.

Unfortunately, we have some bad news regarding Fallujah. Last night on Highway 80 in Wyoming, the van lost control on some black ice and their van flipped, totaling the van and destroying their trailer and likely much of its contents. Luckily no one was seriously injured, but this is going to be quite a blow for the band. Go send the band some love, and perhaps purchase their album and/or some merch to help ease the burden.

More information is forthcoming, and we’ll update this post as it’s made available.

UPDATE (1:20 PM): Fallujah are begrudgingly accepting PayPal donations. Should you feel compelled to do so, you can send them some much needed cash over at PayPal.

– JR


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