Black Sheep Wall have touched a bit of a soft spot with a number of us recently, which is ironic because they’re massive, visceral, and brutal in that slow-death way you get with sludge. It’s all right here in their new song ‘Liminality‘, which is streaming now over at their Facebook page!

I won’t pretend that I’ve personally given them the time that I clearly should have – because this track is absolutely crushing – and instead I’m now going to see what else I can find by them (something tells me 2009’s I Am God Songs would be a good place to start…).

They also have a new album coming out, funnily enough. it’s called No Matter Where It Ends, and it will be available through Season Of Mist in Europe on March 23rd. American release date when we have it, which will likely be through Shelsmusic!

– CG

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