I fell in love with Architects back in 2009’s Hollow Crown. It had the rough and technical mathcore-ish sound of Dillinger Escape Plan with progressive song structure and passionate clean singing that didn’t overstay its welcome. Two years later I fell out of love with Architects for 2011’s The Here And Now that seemed like a phoned in grasp at accessibility and had clean singing that definitely overstayed its welcome. Chris thought the album was alright, but I disagree in that I thought it was nearly dreadful. Bring Me The Horizon ended up putting out a better album, which is a day I thought I’d never see. Such is life.

I am hopeful for Architects’ new album Daybreaker, however. Rocksound recently got in touch with frontman Sam Carter, where he put the fears from fans of old to rest:

“We want to get back to being Architects again,” he explains. “On the last record it felt as though we lost a lot of the energy that was there before. This time we’ve made a conscious decision to put the balls back into the music. It’s definitely the heaviest we’ve ever sounded.”

Brilliant! If that’s the case, then count me in. The album art (above) looks like Hollow Crown, but filthier. Hopefully, that’s what it will sound like as well. Daybreaker is due out May 28th in Europe and June 5th in North America on Century Media Records.

– JR

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