A lot has been happening to Fear Factory over the past few years. First they lost half their band members in one fell swoop, then they formed a new band comprised of 50% of members from Strapping Young Lad, and they released a comeback album that seemed to be mostly ignored by a lot of people in the metal world. And you know what, I don’t get it. I honestly loved Mechanize and I thought it was a huge comeback album, and possibly one of their best works. A lot of people talked about how it sounded like a watered down Strapping Young Lad album, seeing as it featured several prominent members from that project, but I don’t agree with that statement. Sure there were elements, but people tend to forget that Fear Factory were one of the bands that originally influenced SYL in the first place. Overall it was a strong record and I think it should have garnered far more praise than it did

So it’s with a bit of astonishment that I look at all these Fear Factory updates from various websites. I mean, most of them seem really disinterested, and I don’t understand why. I guess I can’t say much, because I really haven’t been doing my duty as a writer or a fan seeing as this is my first post about these guys, but a lot has been happening to this band, and I feel like people should be caring a lot more than what they currently are. It’s Fear Factory for fuck’s sake! They are legends!

If you’re unaware of what’s been going on with these guys, let me give you the rundown:

Byron Stroud has left the band in order to join 3 Inches of Blood, and has since been replaced with Matt DeVries, formerly of Chimaira and Six Feet Under

– The band has finished recording and mixing their 8th  studio album, The Industrialist, and a release date is expected shortly

– A North American headlining tour has just been announced, with support coming from Shadows Fall, The Browning, The Devastated and Legacy Of Disorder:

5/01/2012 Backstage Live – San Antonio, TX

5/02/2012 Trees – Dallas, TX

5/03/2012 Scout Bar – Houston, TX

5/05/2012 State Theater – St. Petersburg, FL

5/06/2012 Culture Room – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

5/09/2012 Ziggy’s – Winston-Salem, NC

5/10/2012 Theater of Living Arts – Philadelphia, PA

5/11/2012 Wally’s Pub – Hampton Beach, NH

5/12/2012 Gramercy Theatre – New York, NY

5/13/2012 Sonar – Baltimore, MD

5/16/2012 The Crofoot Ballroom – Pontiac, MI

5/20/2012 Summit Music Hall – Denver, CO

Gene Hoglan is still Awesome

So yeah, get stoked guys! I have very little doubt that The Industrialist will be anything other than amazing, and I really cannot wait for these guys to prove me right. We’ll keep you informed as more news becomes available. Cheers!

– EC

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