Unlike some of the older fellows who write for this website, I actually got my start from listening to metalcore rather than nu-metal. Indeed, my first post on this site was about All That Remains was my first real metal band, and how it opened up so many doors for me, not just in terms of this new genre I would soon love with all of my heart, but music in general. When I first listened to All That Remains, I searched for a while to find more of the same style they performed. After going through many bands that were good, but didn’t impress me like I wanted to be, I discovered a band named Anterior, a band based out of the United Kingdom.


It was that video, which combined the intro track and the second track, ‘The Silent Divide’, which really enlightened a then 15 year old to the long road of metal. Anterior played a very anthemic brand of metal which straddled the line between metalcore and melodic death metal, sounding very similar to a sound Sylosis plays. The band, at the time of this record, consisted of Luke Davies on vocals and rhythm guitar, Leon Kemp on lead guitar, James Britton on Bass, and Ross Andrews on percussion.

What you notice across the entire record is that it is absolutely anthemic. Luke Davies gives an absolutely fantastic performance on vocals. You can hear the emotion in his voice whenever he’s screaming a very important. His vocals prove to be the reason why the album feels so anthemic and empowering, as you can feel it’s authenticity.

However, do not let me stop you from thinking that the music backing the record is any less important. Leon Kemp was the lead guitarist for this album, and the record displays so many chunky, melodic riffs that just make you want to bust out your air guitar and go crazy. The drums also have that same effect, as Ross Andrews proves to be a very formidable drummer. His double bass and fills are quite intricate, matching very well with the guitar. Bass lines, however, are not very audible, which is a shame. The moments when they can be heard, however, are very impressive.

The most impressive thing about this record, and what made such an impact on me, is how in sync the band is. Every note feels there for a reason, every snare drum hit is where it needs to be, and how powerful and emotional Luke proves to be. One only needs to listen to standout track ‘Human Hive’, for proof of this.


This album, to me, has withstood the test of time. Whenever I listen to a metalcore or melodic death metal album, I judge it against this album. Now you may have noticed that I used the words ‘used’ and ‘played’ in the early parts of this writing.  This is because they are disbanding after they play their last show, which is in a few days.  Bad times for good music.  A sad end for one of my favorite bands in the last few years.

– GR

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