I think I’ve sung the praises of Townsend enough for you guys, so instead this time I’m just going to direct your attention to a recent interview the man underwent with Noisecreep.  In it the man discusses the upcoming By A Thread release, Epicloud, Ziltoid, and his current touring plans. For those too lazy to read the full thing, I’ve taken it upon myself to give you all the rundown on the things discussed:

– He’s submitted the audio mixes for By A Thread.
– The cover art for By A Thread is done.
– The shows will be released on 10 discs; 4 DVDs and 4 audio discs (one for each night), a disc of bonus footage, and a disc for the encores.
– The encores will feature songs from Ghost 2, Devin’s back catalog, and songs from Punky Brüster.
– Devin Townsend Project has five dates from February 25th to March 5th in Australia coming up during the Soundwave Festival.
– After the final Australian date, Townsend will began recording drums for the upcoming Epicloud release.
– Describes Epicloud as new agey, jazzy stuff.
– First record he feels comfortable featuring a wide array of emotions on.
– Will feature a gospel choir, string section, and a horn section.
– Townsend’s October 27th concert at the London Roundhouse, The Retinal Circus: The Devil Townsend Project is already sold out.
– The concert will feature a full orchestra and circus performers.
– The DTP are set to headline the sidestage at this years Download festival
– Devin plans to do the Ziltoid musical in London, like the aforementioned Retinal Circus, and By A Thread release.

Welp, that’s all for now. As always, we’ll keep you updated if anything else is announced. Cheers!

– EC


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