So as you may know, we’ve recently switched web hosts, and it hasn’t been without its speed bumps. The first few days have been rocky, but it appeared to be stable up until yesterday, when our account was suspended for being too resource intensive. After some downtime, we were told to install a caching plugin for WordPress to make Heavy Blog more optimal. No harm; no foul. We’d be better over all, and our new home has already made us fast and more smooth as it is despite the hiccups. We were up again in a matter of hours.

But tonight, users of Heavy Blog were met with yet another notice that the site was unavailable. A few hours later, I get an email from Resource Management with the following:

The account was suspended due to the automatic suspension system we have detecting that your account was using a large amount of processing power and issuing a suspension. I have lifted this suspension and all services should be accessible to you now.

The issue appears to have been caused by the following IP attempting to download the same mp3 from your site about 10,000 times and receiving a 404 error code. However, due to the way that WordPress works, it will intercept the error code and generate its own 404 page.

We were essentially DDOS’d by what I’d imagine is a bot of some sort crawling the net for mp3 files. It’s so silly and ridiculous that I couldn’t help but laugh. During the process of moving, I didn’t bring any mp3 files over in an attempt to help bring down the filesize of the site and the decrease the download and upload times. Most of the mp3s were my own personal demos and songs that accompanied old posts, so I didn’t deem them necessary in the long run. After all, with Soundcloud, I wouldn’t ever have to worry about hosting mp3s ever again!

Well, until some bot tried to download a file that wasn’t there and almost overloaded our web host.

The issue has since been fixed. Fingers crossed on the site working smoothly from here on out. If you ever see a notice on Heavy Blog telling you that the site is unavailable, rest assured that I’m pacing around my house on the verge of pulling my hair out until its fixed. I’ve put the last two and a half years of my life into this thing and it won’t go down without a fight.

– JR

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