I’ve always enjoyed album artwork, whether it be the depraved and cold nightmares of Vincent Locke or the rounded and colourful lucid dreams of John Dyer Baizley. But sometimes you get artwork that’s just perfectly simplistic and striking —- that’s exactly how Freak Puke feels. The human figure built up of veins is the perfect analogy for The Melvins trade marked brand of experimental sludgey rock, something off and different but still entirely human and tangible.

Freak Puke is set to be released via Ipecac Records on the 5th of June and will feature the revamp line up of King Buzzo, Dale Crover and Trevor Dunn, who is probably most notable for his work with Mr. Bungle, John Zorn and Secret Chiefs 3. It would seem the guys in Big Business weren’t available for this outing but Dunn has a Midas touch, so it’ll be surprising if Freak Puke is anything less than mind boggling. If you’re not familiar with The Melvins, I’ve included the bands latest music video for ‘The Talking Horse‘ after the jump for your listening pleasure. You owe it to yourself to witness this truly strange, strange video.

[- via The PRP]



– DL

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