The week before last, the lovely Basick Records held a showcase in London featuring their flagship artists of the now, The Algorithm, Uneven Structure, and Chimp Spanner. For those of us who were stuck on another continent, Basick Records and videographers Digital Fufux know our pain and have teamed up to make The Algorithm’s live show featuring Monuments drummer Mike Malyan available in full in glorious multi-camera footage. You can the brilliant live set above.

Some people out there were puzzled as to how an electronic artist can hold his own in a metal environment. This pairing of Mike and Remi is a great one, and they both carry enough energy and enthusiasm in the performance to really sell the idea to a room of cross-armed metal heads. It also helps that The Algorithm dabbles in metal influences and is progressive enough to appeal to a wider audience. Seriously, they knocked this performance out of the park and really proves that a respectable live show can exist with a guy, a laptop, and mixing tools. Hopefully these two musicians team up again in the future.

The Algorithm’s label debut is tentatively set to be out by the end of the year. In the meantime, you can check out his new single ‘Tr0jans’ on Bandcamp.

– JR


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