Metalsucks called it! This week’s addition to The Summer Slaughter Tour comes in the way of blackened thrash band Goatwhore! The band just put out a new album last week on Metal Blade called Blood for the Master, which our man Damien reviewed. We’re now about halfway through with the lineup! That brings the lineup to:

Cannibal Corpse
Between the Buried and Me
The Faceless

Still pending are Job For A Cowboy, Hate Eternal, and Veil of Maya, which possibly leaves two bands that weren’t on the rumored bill to make an appearance, judging by the previous few years’ trend of a 10-bill lineup. My hopes are on Obscura (unconfirmed rumor and hearsay) and The Contortionist (posted about the lineup’s headliners on their Facebook) personally, if we’re working in the realm of ideal possibilities. What bands do you want to see on the lineup?

Tune in next week for the next band to grace this year’s Summer Slaughter Tour!

– JR


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