That’s Converge‘s Jacob Bannon making, as my mother would say, “an awful lot of noise.” Yup.

So it looks like the band’s new record – the follow up to 2009’s seminal Axe To Fall – is coming along. If they’re onto vocals then I guess they must be nearly done recording, which is excellent. This would be evident and smart people agree.

Converge have been around for quite a while – twenty-two years now – and even when they make a ‘dud’ it still blows out a lot of other bands, so I’m pretty confident in saying that this one is going to be pretty damn good. When they start cranking out promotional material you will DEFINITELY be hearing about it from us.

We’re expecting a Q3, maybe Q4 release, but it will definitely be affiliated with Deathwish Inc. in some way.

– CG

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