Oxnard, California’s Bermuda have released a new song, ‘In Trenches’, from their debut full length The Wandering, which features a guest appearance from Kevin McCaughey of Ion Dissonance!

Speaking of Ion Dissonance, Bermuda’s new sound is reminiscent of theirs if they followed the Minus The Herd sound a bit further and mixed in more hardcore/deathcore influence. Basically, the song is balls to the wall fucking ridiculous. It’s like the sonic equivalent of being beaten by a sledgehammer made of broken glass.

Singer Corey Bennett had this to say about the album:

“This is just the beginning. We wrote a heavier, catchier, more technical and diverse album. We put aside what we thought others wanted to hear, and just wrote for us.”

In my opinion, the best thing a band can do!

But enough talk; listen to the new song (above) and try not to punch the nearest person in the face. The Wandering is due out April 24th on Mediaskare Records.

– AD

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