When this video popped in my feed from Century Media, I assumed Oddland were a power metal band, like a lot of other bands that pop up in the Century Youtube channel. I decided to give it a go, because it was a band that I had never heard of before. And I was very pleasantly surprised. Turns out that Oddland are a progressive metal band from Finland. Their debut album The Treachery of Senses, which will be out on Century on April 30th (EU) or May 8th (US) is where this song is from. It’s called ‘Above and Beyond’. Here you go:


This sounds pretty awesome! It reminds me of Pain of Salvation, but with old Meshuggah style of rhythmic sections. The voice of singer/guitarist Sakari Ojanen is what carries most of the song, but the instrumentation is very catchy and groovy too. If this is the direction the entire album will go in, I’m sold!

P.S: For the funnies, when I asked editor Disinformasiya what he thought of the song, he said: “I call it blarghargharghargh.” Presumably he was just being British and drunk, like he always is.

– NT

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