By now, I’m sure you know the story that surrounds the hospitalization of former Decapitated vocalist Adrian ‘Covan’ Kowanek, who was on task for the modern day death metal classic that is Organic Hallucinosis, and was also in Atrophia Red Sun. Details about his recovery have been few and far between in the five years since the accident that also claimed the life of Decapitated drummer Witold ‘Vitek’ Kiełtyka, but after an incident like that the recovery process is expected to be a slow one.

The above video however, which was shown on Polish national news and shared through the Decapitated Facebook page, is truely heartwarming. To hear his parents talk about his reaction to all his favourite albums should be enough to reduce even the sternest metalhead to manly tears. English subtitles are available and are surprisingly good, for those of us without a grasp of Polish.

While this all points towards a slow recovery, in the video they explain how much of a burden the medical costs are and while Decapitated have put on an entire tour in Poland dedicated to fundraising, they can only really do so much. Thankfully, you can donate directly to them via the Wake Up Covan! website. I donated a measly $20 because unfortunately that’s all I can afford at this moment in time but if you want to help I would highly encourage you to give, even if it is only a few dollars – it all adds up in the end. Finally, if you needed a reminder of how amazing Organic Hallucinosis was, here’s ‘Day 69‘, a personal favourite of mine featuring the talents of both Covan and Vitek.


– DL


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