It’s not often that I listen to my music in a public context, but when I do, I put on Torche — their inherent ability to mix huge and winding sludgey riffs with sugary sweet melodies is unmatched and they’re one of the only bands I love that isn’t instantly greeted with a chorus of ‘Dear God, you think that’s music!?’. Enter Harmonicraft, the new Torche album set to be released April 24th through Volcom. While the the artwork looks like some kind of Brony surrealist nightmare, the new track ‘Kicking‘ that has debuted over at Pitchfork is pretty damn promising, there’s everything that made classic tracks like ‘Grenades‘ and ‘Healer‘, from their 2008 opus Meanderthal, great with a big emphasis on those trade marked ‘thunder pop’ riffs.

– DL


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