It took me a little while to crack the latest Primus album Green Naugahyde but, in the long run, I’m glad I did. While it’s not full of dark and groovy rock songs like its predecessor Antipop, instead it channels the southern fried Tales Of The Punchbowl through the quirkiness of Les Claypool’s solo work and comes up with some very interesting results. One of those being a little ditty about Lee Van Cleef, a spaghetti western villain who most famously faced off against Clint Eastwood in The Good, The Bad And The Ugly. The band performed the track live on the Jimmy Fallon show (which I can only assume is kind of a big deal in America) to an audience who seem to have got that ‘awkward head bob’ down to a tee, they genuinely look like they have no idea what the hell is happening.


Regardless, it’s a pretty good performance and it’s always amazing to see Claypool does with his bass parts – now all I have to do is convince myself it’s worth paying extortionate travel fees and then settling for seated tickets (seriously, what’s the point?) and see them in London later this year.

 – DL


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