Yesterdays morning the highly acclaimed artist behind several of the best prog albums of the last decade updated his official Facebook page with the above message.

For those who don’t know, Arjen Lucassen is the mastermind behind such acts Ayreon, Star One, Guilt Machine, and Ambeon. While Mr. L wrote ninety-nine percent of all the music on those various projects, this upcoming release will be his first official ‘solo’ album under the Lucassen name. The difference being that along with writing and recording all the instrumentation, this is the first time that Lucassen will contribute all of the vocals, as opposed to rounding up a selection of high profile artist like he has done with his other projects.

News about this release have been slow going, so I really cannot emphasize enough just how excited I am for this. I’m calling it now, I think this will end up being my album of the year. Arjen’s last two releases—2009’s On This Perfect Day, and 2010’s Victims of the Modern Age—were easily my favorite albums in their respective year. So yeah, this is going to be great.

– EC


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