Further details about the new Veil of Maya record have come to light as Amazon has updated the information for Eclipse, featuring tracklist, length, as well as offering 30-second samples of each track. The new record will clock in at a whole whopping 28 minutes! Apparently Veil of Maya couldn’t make in 10 tracks on a full record last what Between the Buried and Me did on three for an EP. Someone needs to start making rules about what constitutes and album or an EP. They should cut albums off at about 35 minutes; any lower and you’re obligated to mark it as an EP or a mini-album. It’s just getting silly!

Here’s the tracklist:

01. 20/200
02. Divide Paths
03. Punisher
04. Winter Is Coming Soon
05. The Glass Slide
06. Enter My Dreams
07. Numerical Scheme
08. Vicious Circles
09. Eclipse
10. With Passion And Power

At least the samples sound promising! While it may be their shortest record yet, it might end up being their best. Eclipse is due out February 28th on Sumerian Records. After the jump, give their new track ‘Vicious Circles‘ a stream.

– JR



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