All right, all right – let’s clear the air here. Its been a while since the djent movement started and I think after this amount of time a lot of us are pretty bored of it. A lot of it is Meshuggah clones making music from their bedroom that, well, aren’t anywhere near as good as their influence. So when you first see the name of the band I’m recommending you’re probably thinking they fit that category. After all, most of these boring clones have some space influence and a plural noun name, right? Rest assured, though, these guys are good enough to excuse that.

So yeah, Entities. Progressive , djent, groove, whatever you wanna call it, hailing from the good ol’ state of California. Now with most djent-y bands you’ve come to expect rhythm-driven, groovy music, but I find that it typically tends to not be that way (at least to my standards). That’s where Entities shines. That’s where they come in and slap all their shit. This is no second-coming of Meshuggah, but they definitely do deliver the groovez with their staccato riff assault that tends to last for a minute or so before transitioning to the next one. This kind of music simply just gets me. Add in some very thunderous vocals and you’ve  got me wrapped around your finger. Check out my favorite song by them:


I realize it’s not necessarily the most original music and the production isn’t godly (the drums sound pretty sub par), but they do execute quite well. Anyway, if that happened to perk your interest you should check out their EP titled Luminosity down below (and buy it if you like it – it’s $5) and give them a like on Facebook.


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