A brand new Meshuggah track (EDIT: ‘Break These Bones Whose Sinews Gave It Motion,’ according to an anonymous tip at Got-Djent.com) was presumably just leaked by the band and their management via the cryptic website IAmALeak. In an effort to be all journalistic and investigatory, whois information from the site iamaleak gives us Ronnie Backlund, the band’s manager. Brilliant marketing, because this spark has spread like wildfire. Give it a listen above.

The leak gained considerable momentum and exploded once it was dropped into Got-Djent.com’s updates with the following message:

the ophidian whispered those who seek shall be rewarded….

a sonic declaration of spIte And resentMent
its resonAnce grinding to dust our souls
the twine of revenge tightLy strung
its subharmonics thE undoing of All

and for those who asK for my name? / dotcom

From there, the site was discovered. Hopefully this isn’t the end of this sort of marketing, as a full-on ARG surrounding Koloss would definitely be exciting. As if I didn’t already spend my days doing nothing…

The track is exactly how the band promised in that it certainly feels more organic. I can dig it, but hopefully this is about as slow as the band gets on the new record. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the record, as I like the way this is headed.

Koloss is due out March 27th on Nuclear Blast.

– JR


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