Well, I feel a bit ashamed about not catching this bit of news earlier. Just the other day I talked about how — inexplicably — Townsend plans to release at least three albums in the next couple of years. Devin’s statement was filled with all sorts of information mostly in the form of adjectives regarding these projects, but aside from a short demo track playing in the background on one of his random YoutTube videos, we haven’t actually gotten to hear any new music for these projects.

And sadly, that’s still the case. However, we have learned that dear ol’Dev plans to re-record ‘Kingdom’, off of  his 2000 Physicist record. Answering a question on his official formspring account, Townsend said that he was re-recording ‘Kingdom‘ for Epicloud. Well hot damn!

Physicist wasn’t exactly my thing when it comes to Devin’s music, but hands down ‘Kingdom’ is one of his best songs. Dev has had it in his live rotation for quite some time now, so it’ll be interesting to see how the new version comes together. Epicloud is certainly shaping up to be something special, let’s just hope some album art or new music comes tumbling out of the pipes soon. Cheers!

For those that haven’t heard the track (for shame!) here’s ‘Kingdom‘:


– EC

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