Looks like bassist Henry Selva spoke a little too soon when he said The Human Abstract were done, because guitarist Dean Herrera has spoken out against the claims on Formspring:

as far as im concerned we aren’t broken up, that was Henry going out and spewing the inner workings of the band. We never actually came together and decided anything. I’m still real pissed at him for that. Sure we’re taking time, but that doesn’t mean anything other than that… Taking time.. As far as travis…. who knows… can’t say what might have happened.

Well that’s a relief. It looks like the band are just on a bit of hiatus. Hearing the dreaded ‘H-word’ always sucks, but it’s better than being completely broken up, so let’s all take a sigh of relief and take an optimistic stance on this and hope we can get another album out of them in a few years once the drama subsides.

[via MetalSucks]

– JR

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