To be completely honest, I had no idea that Municipal Waste were working on a new album. However it seems the Waste will release The Fatal Flesh: Waste In Space as early as April through Nuclear Blast and while I wasn’t a huge fan of the ‘mature’ sound of Massive Aggressive, judging by the artwork this may mean a return to the fun-loving crossover that made the classic Hazardous Mutation and it’s follow up The Art Of Partying. The artwork itself was created by Justin Osbourn of Slasher Design who you may recognise as the artist behind the most recent Aborted album Global Flatline and looks a lot like the bastard child of Mars Attacks!, Creepshow and Star Trek which has the perfect mix of cheese and nostalgia to represent the sound.

Also, the album will apparently feature guest appearances including  John Connelly of Nuclear Assault fame and Steve Moore from Zombi. This all points to what should be a very interesting album for the Waste and you can add definitely add The Fatal Feast to ever growing list of great music coming out in 2012.


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