Tonight—Monday, February 6th—Basick Records is holding a showcase at HMV’s Next Big Thing in London, where Chimp Spanner, Uneven Structure, and The Algorithm are to perform. Being a bit of an oddball on the billing, The Algorithm—a French electronic artist by the name of Remi Gallego—has tapped Monuments drummer Mike Malyan to play alongside him for his set. This past weekend, The Algorithm posted rehearsal footage of the duo playing through ‘Trojans,’ which you can view above.

It takes a pretty stellar drummer to be able to play alongside The Algorithm’s glitchy beats, and Mike nails it. Judging by the rehearsal playthrough, these two perform great together. The Basick showcase looks like it’s a show not to be missed – in fact we’re sending Chris down, so keep an eye out for him – but for the rest of us that are geographically limited, we can cling on to this video. Hopefully the two can collaborate more in the future!

The Algorithm’s new single Tr0jans is available now. Go pick it up at Bandcamp, why don’t you?

[Nerd points for knowing the source of the “okay, let’s go” sample]

– JR

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