We love Blotted Science. We also love The Animation of Entomology, the EP released by Blotted Science last year that saw them score their songs to numerous movie scenes that involves insects. Truly an ingenious concept that I think they executed flawlessly. As you may expect, scoring music to scenes that weren’t designed to have metal music scored to it requires a stupid amount of precision, and therefore, you would need a drummer that can execute such insanity.  Enter Hannes Grossman (also of tech-death giants Obscura), who decided to show a run-through of the song ‘Ingesting Blatteria‘ from the aforementioned EP, above.

For a percussionist like myself, this is basically the equivalent to porn.  This is some of the most unique, insane trap-set drumming I’ve ever seen.  I’ve never heard toms and cymbals being used so tastefully, and he throws in sextuplets and quintuplets all over the place.  I don’t understand how he pulls off some of those fills without losing time or hitting himself on the head or something.  This is absolutely crazy.

The Animation of Entomology is available now on ElectricElectric/Basick Records.  If you haven’t listened to it yet, you know what to do.

– GR


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