This week, I received an email from Tetrafusion informing me that their new EP Horizons was available for free download. There was mention of Jamie King (producer for BTBAM, Last Chance To Reason, The Human Abstract, Last Chance To Reason), so immediately knew I had to give it a listen. Chances are, if King has produced it, I’d enjoy the hell out of it. You can tell by the fact that this post is here that Tetrafusion are definitely worth your time if you’re a fan of the aforementioned bands.

Tetrafusion are less extreme that the above bands (I don’t recall any harsh vocals), but definitely have that progressive metal edge. What really got my attention is the strong rhythm section, especially their bassist. Everything here is quality though! Also, keyboard solos; I think that speaks for itself.

You can hear their new EP Horizons below.

You can download the EP for free by clicking through to Bandcamp. You should definitely do that, because Horizons EP is fucking amazing.

– JR


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