[Welcome one and all to our three thousandth post. I think I claimed the last milestone too. What a dick.]

My most anticipated album of the year – Ex-Lives by Buffalo’s own Every Time I Die – is just around the corner, and in building up to its release the band have been releasing a series of short videos discussing its creation and where they are as a band now. I don’t usually have time for these, but ETID are an intelligent, well-spoken and honest bunch of guys, and I have a lot of time for what they have to say.







This is, of course, on top of the official version of the track they released a few weeks back that had been bootlegged live many times, called ‘Underwater Bimbos From Outer Space’. It’s a brilliant, unreserved song, and one of the many reasons I’m cacking my pants in anticipation of the promo.


Ex-Lives is due out March 6th on Epitaph, and as per the story behind the artwork, it promises to be a riot.

– CG


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