Who’s excited for some new Scooby Doom? The Satanic songbirds Ghost are hard at work on a new album, hopefully to be released in time for the pending apocalypse!

Blistering.com recently did an interview with one of the Nameless Ghouls, and asked about the follow up to Opus Eponymous:

The Nameless Ghoul: Most of the material has been written already. Throughout the production and writing, we’ve been using the word “divine” a lot. Whereas with the first album, the sound was slightly “wooden,” we want the new album to be stone and golden in terms of being lavished and divine. So we are trying to paint an even more solemn religion and there’s all sorts of dramatic steps forward. The first album is about the arrival of the anti-Christ, about a coming darkness. The new album will about a current darkness, the presence of the devil, how it relates to divinity and how it’s futile you grasp whatever is divine.

Excellent news! Opus Eponymous really made waves since its release, and hopefully they can keep up with their strong forward momentum. While we’re waiting for the new tunes to take shape, you can catch Ghost supporting Opeth and Mastodon this Spring on the Heritage Hunter tour.

– JR


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