Yeah, our name is Heavy Blog is Heavy, but we are very open minded. And last I checked, our motto is “Heavy Blog is Heavy is  a blog dedicated to heavy music and all of its friends, featuring metal news, reviews, and other nincompoopery.” Prog rock is a friend of heavy music, right? Right! Now then, for those of you who aren’t familiar of Children of Nova, they are a prog rock band from San Diego, California. So far, they’ve released one EP entitled The Complexity of Light, which is easily some of the best music I’ve ever heard from a independent group. And now, three years after the release of the EP, they’ve finally released new material in the form of a new song and the announcement of a full-length in March. How exciting! The song, which is entitled ‘Moments of Clarity,can be heard over at Absolute Punk.

The first thing you probably noticed was Teo’s beautiful tenor. The dude has an astounding range, which he showcases tastefully when he hits the stupidly high F# near the end of the song. The guitarists also display their ability to play layer upon layer of guitar to create a soundscape that’s very engrossing. And the drummer is amazing. He has a very unique style that separates Children of Nova from the rest of the prog-rock genre. It’s a truly great song.

The upcoming album, which is to be entitled Impossible Landscape, is due out sometime in March, released independently by the band. The fact that this band is not yet signed is a complete travesty. Record labels, you know what to do.

After the jump, a couple of tracks from their EP.




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