Faith No More have got to be my favorite not-really-metal-but-almost-sometimes-I-guess rock band ever. The band was definitely highly influential, and they released some of the greatest albums of the 90’s; Angel Dust is one of my favorite records of all time! Their reach is so broad—from jazz to metal and everything in between—that it’s no surprise why many bands have covered Faith No More over the years. Their classic song ‘Surprise! You’re Dead!’ was actually recently covered by up-and-coming modern thrash frontrunners Revocation. If you’re not all that familiar with Faith No More and their diversity, this track was on The Real Thing, the same record as the rap-rock hit ‘Epic,’ and Revocation covered it quite faithfully without having to add much of their own flair to bring it where it is now, above. They did an excellent job on it, and I’m sure they did the band proud.

Seriously, The Real Thing runs the gamut from thrash, rapping, a bluesy piano-oriented song about a pedophile, and a totally badass ‘War Pigs‘ cover—that album is insane. Look into it if you haven’t heard it yet. In fact, go out and listen to their whole discography. You won’t regret it.

– JR


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