Folk metal is an odd genre for sure, and it’s never felt all that at home with me, but for some reason Korpiklaani have always been an exception to that rule. These Finnish bastards just know how to make crazy fun folk-metal, and I can’t help but love them for their songs about alcohol. We might be hearing from them in rehab in a few years, but for now keep on chugging guys.

Anyways, it seems these folky metal heads have started working on their seventh studio album, Kunnia. Now I wasn’t a big fan of their last release, Ukon Wacka, but I never count a band that I love out for good. I’m always good for another chance, and despite that one blip on their radar, Korpiklaani have release several other wonderful albums thus far in their career, so I would say I’m fairly excited about this.

You can stream ‘Metsälle‘, the first song from the upcoming album below. It’s definitely folk metal.


– EC

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