The long-awaited music video for Born of Osiris‘ ‘Follow the Signs‘ is now upon us, and it rocks. The video was shot last year (as evidenced by the inclusion of former guitarist Jason Richardson) and has since been on the drawing board for some time due to the extensive CGI and production that went along with the video. There’s a lot of really cool imagery and graphics going on, and it’s easily one of the cooler looking music videos to come out from a band of their size in the last few years, slightly cheesy use of green screen aside.

I’ll spare going too deep into the video for now, as resident video columnist Chris Collins has a review coming up soon along with a quick interview with the video’s director, Andrew Pulaski. Be sure to check back for whenever that gets posted, as it’s sure to be interesting!

Born of Osiris’ opus The Discovery is out now on Sumerian Records (as if you didn’t already know!).

– JR

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