The Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival is probably the biggest commercial metal tour in the United States since its inception in 2008. There was a point in my life when I would have loved the shit out of this tour, but I don’t see much to get excited for as far as my own enjoyment is concerned. Not to talk down on the tour or the bands on it; I’m glad there are more huge metal tours like Mayhem making their way across North America than there were when I was first getting into the genre. Hell, I wouldn’t even mind seeing Slipknot, as they’re a band that really pulled me into more aggressive music. I just can’t help but feel underwhelmed, you know? I’m busy being stoked on the possibility of catching Cannibal Corpse, BTBAM, The Faceless, and more on this year’s Summer Slaughter (which will be announced next week. God, I hope I’m right about that lineup).

But some of you are probably excited for Mayhem Fest, and that’s awesome. This year’s lineup is better than last year’s from where I’m sitting, and features Slipknot, Slayer, Anthrax, The Devil Wears Prada, Asking Alexandria, As I Lay Dying, Whitechapel, and High on Fire. Some of these bands are pretty awesome. Some of them.

After the jump, you can peruse the large list of dates to find your hometown or a city in close proximity!

– JR

Sat Jun 30 San Bernardino, CA
Sun Jul 01 San Francisco, CA
Tue Jul 03 Seattle, WA
Wed Jul 04 Boise, ID
Fri Jul 06 Phoenix, AZ
Sat Jul 07 Albuquerque, NM
Sun Jul 08 Denver, CO
Tue Jul 10 Dallas, TX
Wed Jul 11 Houston, TX
Fri Jul 13 Tampa, FL
Sat Jul 14 Atlanta, GA
Sun Jul 15 Indianapolis, IN
Wed Jul 18 Oklahoma City, OK
Fri Jul 20 St. Louis, MO
Sat Jul 21 Chicago, IL
Sun Jul 22 Detroit, MI
Tue Jul 24 Cincinnati, OH
Wed Jul 25 Cleveland, OH
Fri Jul 27 Philadelphia, PA
Sat Jul 28 Pittsburgh, PA
Sun Jul 29 Washington, DC
Tue Jul 31 Saratoga, NY
Wed Aug 01 Buffalo, NY
Fri Aug 03 Boston, MA
Sat Aug 04 Scranton, PA
Sun Aug 05 Hartford, CT

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