Earlier this week, Meshuggah had a live chat with fans that was pretty much free reign on the questions, from dealing with their new album Koloss to frontman Jens Kidman’s face. It was all fun, but very little in the way of new and useful information was made available. What we did get to find out though is that Meshuggah are planning to tour North America with Decapitated and Baroness this spring. Woah!

The pairing of Meshuggah and Decapitated makes perfect sense, but Baroness sort of stick out as oddballs in the lineup, but surely there’s a cross-section of fans there in terms of the shared progressive leaning of the bands on the bill; I know I’d love to see all three of these bands on the same bill. It’ll keep the night varied a bit at least!

There are no tour dates for this trek yet, but you can probably expect those to be announced in the next month or so. As always, we’ll let you know when there’s more to tell!

– JR

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