Willowtip have announced that Spanish sci-fi themed progressive brutal death band Wormed have just joined their roster and are getting ready to release new material. There is finally going to be a full length follow up to 2003’s underground juggernaut Planisphaerium. The band have this to say about the new record and signing to Willowtip:

“Armageddon in 2012? The end of the world? WTF?!
Really…? Don’t you hear the roar of alien spaceships?

WORMED are planning in its tech laboratory a new journey through the cosmos, just like the explosion of the supernovas, and the fusion of galaxies in the deep cosmic web. Expect the most twisted, heaviest and devastating extreme metal record you have ever heard on this planet. The last human traveler in space will find his own destiny!

We are very proud to have the opportunity of releasing all of our works through Willowtip Records. To work with a label that has released a large number of high-class bands over the years is a huge boost for the future of the band.

And now, don’t you want to know the truth?

Stay tuned at http://www.wormed.net and http://www.facebook.com/wormed for news, upcoming shows and interesting updates regarding the new album.


No details were given about the new album except that it will be out some time in the spring of this year. Keep your ears to the ground for this one.

– MW


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